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No Jab, No Pay lifts immunisation rates

More than 5,738 children whose parents are receiving child care payments and were previously registered as vaccination objectors have had their child/ren immunised since the launch of the Government’s No Jab, No Pay policy.

Jobs boom for Tasmania with arrival of NDIS

Jobs growth will surge across Tasmania with the roll out of the National Disability Insurance Scheme with up to 1750 new full-time jobs created in the next three years and $260 million in new economic activity generated.

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National Carer Awards

Today we are recognising and celebrating this great contribution by Australians of all ages who are easing the daily lives of other Australians across the country.

National Disability Services CEO Conference 2015

These are significant times for the disability sector and I feel a great sense of privilege as well as responsibility having stewardship of disability policy at the Commonwealth level.

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